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The aquatherm orange system-manifold is installed for the distribution and adjustment of the volume flow of each single circuit of the surface heating.

The volume is adjusted with a square spanner at the return valve. The regulated rate of flow can be read directly at the flow meter. Thus always the right volume circulating through circuits is guaranteed.

The distributor can be connected selectable from the right as well as from the left side. All commercial Euroconus connector can be connected with the connection nipple G ¾" for Euro connection. Made from a high-quality brass pipe MS 63 it is equipped on both sides with a male thread 1" for flat packing connection, end pieces with joints, feed valve, and ventilation valve as well as ball valve set 1" with threaded joint.  

The manifold is assembled is on a galvanized sound insulated console acc. to DIN 4109.

Please order accessories (Euroconus connectors) separately.

Special advantages

Flow meter  0-4 l/min with Quickstop stop valve for flow.

Adjustment- and stop valve for return with manual control cap and upper part of a thermostat.

Suitable for all commercial Euroconus connectors.

Extensive accessories.

Technical data      
max. static pressure: PN6 6 bar    
max. linear heating temperature: 60° C    
Feed cock and drain: R 3/8"    
Ventilation valve: R 3/8"    
Heating circuit connection Euroconus: R 3/4"    
Return - manifold (bottom)      
Axial female thread R 1"    
Axial connection nut (flat sealing) R 1 1/4"    
Control valve male thread M 30 x 1,5    
Pressure pin sealing: double-O-ring    
Schließmaß 11,8 mm    
Valve lift max. 3,5 mm    
Valve opening power ~ 39 N    
KVS value 3,0 m3/h    
Flow-manifold (top)      
Axial- female thread R 1"    
Axial - connection nut (flat sealing) R 1 1/4"    
with flow indicator „DFA 0-3,5 l/min R 3/8"    

Heating circuit manifold valves

Return valves

The integrated return valves enable a problem free exchange of the manual construction protection caps against an electro thermal actuator or manual control caps.

The return valves  are provided with stainless steel spindles and double o-ring seal.

Rate control

The hydraulic compensation of the heating circuits is made at the return control valve according to the calculated values. The mass flow is preset by turning the adjustment spindle left. The actual value at the manifold 92302-92312 is read at the flow meter.


The aquatherm orange system -manifolds are supplied in site adapted cartons.

A set of self-adhesive marking plates is added to every manifold. Same can be adhered on the designated fields of the manual control cap or on the actuator.

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