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General description (System element)

Heating pipes: General description
The operation of a floor heating system is determined by the quality of the heating pipe used.

Typical for the aquatherm orange system-floor heating pipes are the following features:

  • excellent creep strength also at higher temperatures
  • smooth inner pipe surface
  • low friction loss
  • high heat-stabilized
  • corrosion resistance
  • outstanding resistance against chemicals
  • high flexibility
  • high impact rate
  • less sound of flow
  • oxygen-tight due to EVOH-coating acc. to DIN EN 1264

aquatherm orange system-heating pipes can be laid without preliminary tempering cold from the roll. For practical reasons, the heating pipes should generally be laid with the aquatherm orange system-pipe hasp.

Connection technique
Only those pipe joints indicated by the manufacturer should be used for the respective type of pipe.

The aquatherm orange system-connectors and screw connections for manifolds conform to DIN 8076 Part 1, requested in DIN EN 1264.

Linear expansion

aquatherm orange system-floor heating pipes for wet construction systems are embedded directly into the heating screed.

A change in length resulting from a temperature difference prevented by embedding into the heating screed. The material absorbs tensions so that they are not critical.

Manufacturing of the aquatherm orange system-floor heating pipes with an oxygen barrier layer is achieved according to a specially developed extrusion procedure.

Due to the EVOH-coating deposited on the basic pipe as an all-over compound, the pipe reaches an optimum tightness. The adhesive layer between basis pipe and barrier layer results in an adhesion resisting against hardest site conditions.

The oxygen-tight aquatherm orange system-underfloor heating pipes are in accordance with DIN EN 1264.

A system separation by means of a heat exchanger is not necessary as per DIN EN 1264 when using these pipes.

Heating water additions
In principle only heating water additions with controlled harmlessness regarding the material used by aquatherm can be used. Heating water additions must be expressly released by aquatherm.

The application of corrosion inhibitors is not necessary when using aqua­therm orange system-underfloor heating pipes.

aquatherm orange system-underfloor heating pipes are packed in site-adapted cardboards impervious to light for protection against mechanical damage or effects from UV-rays.     

The pipe bundles have to be stored in the packing until installation.

The pipes are supplied as a ring bundle. Remaining bundles have to be restored in the cardboard.

External supervision
The supervision contracts necessary in the scope of DIN-CERTCO have been concluded with the SKZ (South German Plastic Centre Würzburg).

Internal supervision

aquatherm orange system-underfloor heating pipes are self-supervised according to the requirements of the manufacturing works.

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