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Quality assurance

System control

The production of a quality controlled pipe system demands the supervision, regulation and control of all work operations. All results and processes have to be documented.

This requires

  • test and acceptance of incoming goods
  • process control
  • in-process inspection and test
  • final inspection and test

Relevant regulations for the quality control of potable water pipe systems are:

  • DIN- guidelines
  • DVGW- working sheets
  • Supervisory Regulations of the SKZ (Süddeutsches Kunststoff- Zentrum)

These standards and guidelines detail the minimum requirements for internal control.

Conformance to the standards is verified by independent institutes in form of internal audits and laboratory tests.

aquatherm has many years of experience in extrusion and injection moulding and is the market leader and pioneer in the manufacture of polypropylene pipe systems.

This experience is reflected in internal quality standards and laid down procedures, which are taken strongest note of and are documented by the constant quality of our products.