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A company with pioneering spirit

“Success has a simple formula. Action!” However, the reality is a little more complex. When Gerhard Rosenberg founded the company in 1973 as a trade business in his garage and turned it into a world market leader in only a few years, there were always challenges for him and his team which at first appeared unsolvable. In retrospect, with our confidence based on experience, we are today hardly able to comprehend some of these problems which now appear as such small hurdles on the way to our success.

But what we have kept from this time is the unconditional will to be the best in all we do. This also means to tread as yet unknown ground, as a pioneer who leads the way, always in search of even more comprehensive and innovative solutions.

But, despite all the pioneer spirit, we never jeopardize the cornerstone of our reliable products:
already many years before environment protection became a global topic, the aquatherm green
pipe system fulfilled ecological standards which are required only today. For more than 40 years we have been embodying this – that ecological and economic interests need not contradict one another in the manufacture, distribution and use of a product. Our commitment has been tested and approved by the certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001.

We also commit to 100% production sites in Germany and all our products are labelled with the internationally recognised quality seal “Made in Germany” which vouches for the quality promise we make to our customers worldwide.

Last, but not least, all our doing also focuses on the safety of our products in application. Here we set the highest standards for our customers. Our highly developed production with state of the art machinery and innovative processes, our ongoing quality controls and our employees’ safety awareness ensure premium products which deserve the label “state of the pipe”.

And our customers can rely on another thing: we love what we do and do not shy away from the efforts on the never-ending path!

History and development


1973 aquatherm founded by Gerhard Rosenberg

1978 Move to the first building at the current site in Biggen

1977 First exports to Jordan and Belgium

1984  Opening up of further foreign markets including Italy and Greece

1990 Market launch of the fusiotherm stabi composite pipe

1991 Subsidiary plant opens in Radeberg

1995 The 200th employee joins the aquatherm family

1996 Takeover of turning shop aquatherm Metall GmbH & Co. KG, Attendorn

1996 First certification of our quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001

1997 Independent sales in Italy

1999 Market launch of the fusiotherm fibre composite pipe 

2001 aquatherm operates in more than 50 export markets

2004 Dirk and Maik Rosenberg join management

2005 Market launch of the aquatherm black system

2006 Market launch of the aquatherm blue pipe

2006 aquatherm products permanently represented on all 5 continents

2008 Market launch of the aquatherm red pipe

2009 More than 20 young people employed as trainees

2010 System expansion of the pipe size to max. ø630 mm

2010 Dirk, Maik and Christof Rosenberg assume company management 

2011 Market launch of aquatherm ti

2012 First time certification of our environment management system in accordance with ISO 14001

2012 Market launch of the material PP-RP

2013 First certification of our energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001

2013 Brand conversion “colours of innovation” and aquatherm 40th jubilee

2015 Start of building project ZuRo (future pipe manufacturing)

2015 Independent sales in North America

2017 Opening of the new pipe extrusion – one of the latest of its sort worldwide 

2017 Start of the reconstruction for the new injection moulding

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