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Declaration of principle on environmental policy


For almost 40 years, aquatherm GmbH has been standing for the production of high-quality plastic pipes for domestic installations.

We are convinced that a consequently lived environment protection is an important component of our long-term business success, and aquatherm enjoys the confidence and respect of the society. To meet this demand all processes are focused on protecting the resources, minimizing the use of energy and avoiding or recycling wastes. Thus, together with economic success and social responsibility, ecologic commitment is to be regarded as coequal target.

Our actions are focused on the following principles and targets:

Environment protection is very important in all processes.

As enterprise we are involved in a social and natural environment and thus dependent on its efficiency.  We therefore take it as a matter of course to comply with the applicable environmental laws and regulations.

Beyond the compliance with legal requirements and regulations, we commit ourselves to a continuous and systematic improvement of our company’s environmental performance.

In case of all industrial activities and our products, we are looking at the total life cycle. This means to minimize the use of energy, water and resources, to reduce wastes, emissions and side products, as well as to support the waste management so that reusable materials turn from waste products.

Furthermore, we endeavor to minimize noise emissions, as well as to focus our procurement on ecologically harmless and socially fair products.

Pathbreaking for our actions is the principle of the recycling economy oriented on the example of nature, in case of which all processes are in cycles.

·       All wastes from an industrial and production process are for the most possible part supplied for recycling and thus processed to new products. Polypropylene, our main raw material, is not only distinguished by a long lifetime, but also an environmental compatibility and recyclability by nature.

·       The cooling water required for the production does not have chemical pollutions and is supplied unchanged to the water cycle again.

·       When choosing our energy supplier, we take care that a high share of the energy produced is procured from renewable energy sources.

The cooperation in the aquatherm team is characterized by humanity, fairness and responsibility. At the same time, the employees’ environmental awareness is promoted and they are actively involved in the implementation of the environmental guidelines.

All corporate divisions are responsible for realizing these principles.

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