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New aquatherm tapping tool and aquatherm component unit for tapping aquatherm PP-R pipes under pressure

TN8/25.09.17 The installation of branches to a live aquatherm PP-R piping service line without disrupting service is now possible. The aquatherm tapping tool and the aquatherm component unit, consisting of weld-on saddle with welded ball valve, allows the extension of a pipeline network under pressure without media leakage. The component unit is welded using special weld-in saddle tools made to match the size of the media pipe and the component size.

The aquatherm component unit allows you a quick and cost-effective means of installing branches on still-in-service water-conducting pipelines. This is a great benefit especially for industrial applications since the ongoing operation does not have to be interrupted. It helps you save both time and energy.

All PP-R media pipes with diameter from 75 mm to 630 mm and pipe structure S, MF and MF UV of the systems aquatherm green pipe, aquatherm blue pipe and aquatherm lilac pipe can be spot-drilled under pressure.

Safety note:
The medium pressure in the main pipe of max. 6 bar and the media temperature of max. 60 °C must not be exceeded.


You can find a brief description of the new aquatherm tapping tool and aquatherm component unit here.


A video demonstrating the tapping of aquatherm PP-R pipes under pressure is available here:

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