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aquatherm blue pipe MF OT replaces corroded steel in office building

TN7/10.08.17 FAMAR is one of Europe’s leading providers of Contract Manufacturing and Development Services to the Pharmaceutical and Health & Beauty industry. Established in 1949 in Greece, the company today operates a network of 11 production sites in 5 European countries, 4 development centers and 3 distribution centers.

aquatherm Hellas successfully conducted a project at one of FAMAR´s office buildings in Athens. The corroded steel pipes and manifolds on the roof were replaced by aquatherm blue pipe MF OT. The steel pipes inside the building will be replaced in project phase 2.
One of the arguments to claim the project – since the renovation is partial and the inside-the-building part remains steel – is that aquatherm blue pipe MF OT will protect the steel pipe parts from oxygen that would penetrate from standard polypropylene pipes.
Another important reason is that aquatherm Hellas lent the butt welding machine for free, and trained the installation crew to use it properly.
This is another great reference for aquatherm blue pipe MF OT strengthening the OT trend and creating further headaches to our competitors and imitators by making them lose projects and weakening their position at their customers as they are un­able to supply oxygen tight pipes.

Famar office building:

Location: Athens 

Type: Office building (large complex with parking spaces, offices, restaurant and Starbucks)

Materials used: aquatherm blue pipe MF OT

Status: Completed, but more business will come sooner or later 

Comments: Large collectors came from Attendorn, the smaller were fabricated by aquatherm Hellas

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