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„Formula One“ Contest in Hungary

TN4/23.05.17 Recently there was an interesting „Formula One“ race in Hungary. The special thing about it? The racing teams are each composed of one school and one pipe manufacturer. The task and challenge of the school is to build a car out of the material provided by the pipe manufacturer. There are strict guidelines which materials may be used, which extras can be installed additionally or regarding the car size. After the end of the event, the “car” belongs to the school. The pipe manufacturer is however allowed to use it for each four days four times a year within the next three years, for example for exhibitions.

During this year’s race on 6th of April, aquatherm and a school from Szeged formed a racing team. Three teachers and eight pupils were involved in the construction of the racing car, tackling the task with much creativity and great passion. The planning took about four weeks, the construction approximately 80 working hours.

At a beautiful sunny day and dry „track conditions“ the vehicles of 10 pipe manufacturers started off: aquatherm, Ke Kelit, Rehau, Wavin, Comap, PipeLife, Henco, Uponor, Vivaco-Valsir and FV Plast. 

For aquatherm, the export managers Alois Sieler and Jorge Quintana took part in the race as drivers. After an exciting contest, the aquatherm team reached the second place. Subsequently, the two could proudly receive the winner’s certificate together with other members of the racing team.

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