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Waste disposal/recycling of insulation material with/without HBCD

TN12/19.12.16 Since 30th of September 2016 a new EU-regulation applies to insulation material with HBCD.

In this context, we would like to point out that our products listed below are free from HBCD flame retardants and thus can be disposed of without any problems. 


Art.-No. Designation

0091033     aquatherm orange system Insulation roll 30-2 object 5kN WLG 040

0091035     aquatherm orange system Insulation roll 35-3 object WLG 045

0091039     aquatherm orange system System element EPS25

0091112     aquatherm orange system System element F ND 11

0091115     aquatherm orange system System element knob plate F ND 30-2

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