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BVF-award 2016 in Berlin for pathbreaking project HUF city living 

TN12/19.12.16 The professional interaction of the client, specialist planner and the system manufacturer of the heating and cooling systems is exemplary in the HUF City Living project. The Federal Association for Surface Heating and Cooling (BVF) awarded the BVF Award 2016 to the protagonists, Builder HUF Haus with Benedikt Huf (Member of the management of HUF HAUS), TGA specialist planner Thomas Runkel, processor Willing (Heating installation) and the system manufacturer aquatherm. Within the scope of a solemn award ceremony on the occasion of the BVF symposium in Berlin on 24th November, the four prizewinners accepted their certificate and the BVF Award 2016 from the hands of Managing Director Axel Grimm and Chairman of the Executive Board, -Ulrich Stahl. In 2016, the BVF recognizes outstanding achievements and extraordinary architecture in which surface heating and cooling systems play a significant part in the project success and objectively improve the energy balance and the well-being. 

The settlement HUF City Living is located in the center of Montabaur. The tranquil district town in Rhineland-Pfalz offers an almost perfect infrastructure for local residents, potential builders and tenants with optimal traffic connections to the Rhine-Main-Ruhr regions. Georg Huf, the owner of HUF Haus from Hartenfels in Rhineland-Pfalz, also recognized this potential. The entrepreneur planned and built together with his company and the support of son Benedikt Huf a total of 44 high-quality, barrier-free apartments of approx. 60 to 130 m².

The well-thought-out HUF City Living energy concept, which combines regenerative energy production, photovoltaics, hot water collectors, heat pumps and ice energy storage as an energy carrier, was developed by the Etgenium GmbH from Königswinter. Thomas Runkel worked closely with the manufacturer of the built-in surface heating and cooling systems, the company aquatherm. The BVF-member provided its efficient aquatherm black system. It is installed in the ceiling and floor areas of the residential complex, both for heating and cooling. 

Ulrich Stahl, Chairman of the BVF´s Management Board, sees the connection of regenerative energy generation and modern surface heating as a pioneer. He pointed out at the award ceremony in Berlin: “Surface heating and cooling have an important share in the positive overall energy balance of the residential complex. In the project, their positive properties are optimally utilized and ideally implemented for the residents of HUF City living.  A result, which became possible only through the interaction of all participants, according to the principle of integrated planning and execution. An important reason for our decision to award this year´s Award to all the client, the TGA specialist planner, the executing craftsman and the system manufacturer. 

Further information on the BVF and the prize-winning project can be found at: |

The lucky winners of the Award, the laudator and the BVF´s Board of Directors at the award ceremony for the BVF Award 2016 in Berlin. (From left to right: BVF managing director Axel Grimm, laudator Georg Lange of the Federation of German Prefabricated Production e.V., BVF-Board Members Michael Muerköster and Heinz Eckard Beele, prize winner Benedikt Huf, TGA specialist Thomas Runkel, Achim Schnell of aquatherm, Christoph Eßeling of the processor Jupp Willing, heating construction.)

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