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Online calculation of linear expansion

TN1/03.02.17 In order to calculate the linear expansion of aquatherm pipe systems, aquatherm now offers an online tool

With the input of selected factors, the linear expansion can be determined very simply. The tool is available on the aquatherm website at the respective systems under the heading “Planning & Design”: At present, it is only available in English, the German version will follow soon.


DIN 1988 T3 / Maximum flow rate / Calculation basis / Calculation aids / Software

The DIN 1988 (Technical rules for drinking water installations) describes in Part 3 the calculation bases for the determination of the pipe diameters. 

The determination of the pipe diameters bases on the calculations of the pressure loss occurring in the pipes.  Apart from the diameter, the pipe length and the pipe material this is depending on the flow, thus by the number and size of the connected tapping points. The calculation flow required at each tapping points is the output parameter for determining the peak flow. 

The simultaneous use or the resultant peak flow of a pipe section is to be determined on the basis of the calculation values of DIN 1988 T 3. 

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