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Design change of article 0012108 – 20 mm aquatherm green pipe 90° elbow

TN10/08.09.16 The “elder” aquatherm partners and customers might still remember the first articles from the time of origin of the „fusiotherm“ pipe system (today: aquatherm green pipe).

At that time, pipes of PN 25 pressure stage were still offered including the articles 70006 – 70722 - fusiotherm PN 25 pipe, as well as 70406-70424 - fusiotherm PN 25 Stabi. This was formerly owing to a dispute with the approval authorities.

The design of some fittings of smaller dimensions still originates from this time of start-up, thus designed for the PN 25 pressure stage.

Included are the 20 mm 90° elbow with article no. 0012108, as well as the tee 0013108.

The latest injection mould for the 90° elbow has now been completed on the basis of the state of the art. The outcome of this is that the fitting’s wall thicknesses get a little thinner. The laying length (Z-measurements) remain unchanged.

Of course, this change has no negative influence on the operating conditions. The pressures and temperatures of the service pressure tables represented in the catalogue can still be applied.

This improvement of design and tool also ensures that we will be able to offer competitive prices in future, too.

The change to the latest execution will take place, as soon as the current stocks are sold off.
The current – then the old execution – will then be no longer available.

The 20 mm tee (art. no. 0013108) will be changed in the next step. The mould proving will take place within the next weeks.

Enclosed please find drawings of the old and new execution of both fittings, compared to your information.

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