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Florida Hospital counts on solutions from aquatherm

TN9/01.09.16 How can a plant engineer use innovative high-quality pipe systems, while saving most of his worktime? To answer this question we invite you to watch the following video about the new construction of the Apopka Hospital in Florida.

Open the video here!

In the eight-storey hospital with 200 rooms in all, more than 35 miles of aquatherm pipe systems of up to 630 mm were used for HVAC applications and plant engineering.

Approximately 70 % of the systems were pre-fabricated by the aquatherm branch in Utah. The plant engineer* could thus save approximately 60 % of his worktime, whereas the owner extensively benefits from the high-quality and innovative products.

*Coastal Mechanical Services nationwide belongs to the top 100 of the biggest plant engineers in the USA (Engineering News Record, 2015).


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