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Project: aquatherm black system showroom

TN7/03.06.16 With black system aquatherm provides a universal applicable surface heating and cooling system for applications below the ceiling, at the wall an on the floor. The many different fields of application can be inspected in the newly built "aquatherm black system showroom" as of now.  All applications are real in function. In the rooms the pleasant climate is noticeable by radiation, either for the field of "heating" or "cooling".

Room 1:
shows the application of aquatherm black system in the world of metal panel ceilings for office and industrial area. Different formats, colors, perforations and ceiling sails are presented.  

Room 2:
Demonstrates a single-color metal panel ceiling. Here the aquatherm black system is integrated as a square and rectangular panel with different lighting. Even the application in curves is impressively presented. An infrared camera visualizes the function of the heating and cooling panels for the visitors. 

Room 3:
Offers a total of 21 applications of the aquatherm black system in interior construction. Among other things, the following applications are presented:


  • Static wooden sub-structure with planking by dry construction components
  • Use in pitched roof area and jamb wall
  • Wall and ceiling heating plastered in mineral plaster or organic clay plaster
  • Heating of shower inside walls
  • Mirror heating
  • Special top structures of the floor, such as beamed ceilings

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