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Advantages of aquatherm PP-R pipesystems manifold manufacture

Manifolds from the aquatherm green pipe system are ideal for the distribution of hygienically safe media such as drinking water and foodstuffs. The special composition of the pipe material fusiolen® guarantees the purity of the transported medium without contamination by foreign substances that are dissolved out of the pipe material such as harmful heavy metals. Metal deactivators and the homogeneous, positive connection technique enable a long and interference-free operational life.

Manifolds and special components made of aquatherm blue pipe share their advantageous characteristics with those of our aquatherm green pipe systems.
Our specialty for distributing cooling and heating in closed systems as well as in several industrial applications.The aquatherm blue pipe system has been developed especially for applications outside the potable water installation.

With aquatherm manifolds, corrosion is generally a thing of the past. External influences at the installation location such as saliferous ocean air or aggressive cleaning agents damage the system just as little as the transport of aggressive media or general corrosion due to moisture and air.

To protect against solar radiation in manifold lines that are installed outdoors, aquatherm fabricates manifolds made of pipes that have a special UV protective coating.

In the area of fire protection we offer a facility for painting or varnishing with a special intumescent protective coating.

The weight advantage of aquatherm makes it possible to also bring large manifolds to the installation location without any problems. In extreme cases when local circumstances have not been taken into consideration or have changed it is also possible to split the manifolds onsite and reconnect them true-to-size with sleeve or butt welding. Subsequent branches and connections can be made simply and cost-effectively in the shortest time with the aquatherm saddle technology. You can find out more about saddle welding in our aquatherm greenpipe general catalogue. (Order no. 10100)

aquatherm manifolds, in contrast to manifolds made of metal, has an insulating characteristic that the material fusiolen® innately provides. If the degree of insulation is not sufficient we can also supply our manifolds in an insulated form.

Advantages aquatherm Prefabrication: Planning, fabrication and service


- Support from planning to commissioning
- Service technicians provide advice and support on site
- Development of customized solutions
- Time- and cost savings due to pre-fabrication
- Cost transparency
- Quick and easy installation into existing systems
- Reduce dead-time
- Over 40 years of proven quality and experience
- Insurance cover up to 20 million Euros per individual case

Architects and planners

- Planning support from the aquatherm design team
- Support for the plausibility and completeness check
- Provision of CAD and planning data
- Detailed planning data for testing and production release
- 3D drawings minimize design errors
- Early detailed planning means planning and cost reliability
- High precision of the components due to pre-fabrication
- Time saving through pre-fabrication
- More than 40 years of experience in manifold and plant construction

Plumbers / Plant engineers

- High, tested quality with a 10 years warranty
- Support and advice of service technicians on site
- Highest accuracy due to detailed planning
- Order monitoring and delivery by the specialized wholesale
- No delays due to missing parts
- Low tooling costs
- Rapid add-on by aquatherm saddle-technique
- Weight reduction due to the use of PP-R, thus easier handling during transport and on site
- No improvise on site
- Fast installation times
- Installation in confined spaces is possible
- Compensation of skills shortage

Advantages of aquatherm manifolds and special components

- Industrial pre-fabrication “Made in Germany”
- Certified and inspected – ISO 9001/ISO 14001/ISO 50001
- Resistance to corrosion, chemicals and aggressive media
- Pre-insulated available
- Thinner insulation
- UV-resistance available
- Heat- / sound-insulating properties
- Oxygen-tight1
- Hygienic2
- Weight reduction due to the use of PP-R
- No silting by corrosion products
- Less pipe roughness and high abrasion resistance
- High impact strength
- Tight connection of pipe and fitting by fusion
- Three-layer pipe structure with glass fiber-reinforced middle-layer
- Flame resistant according to DIN 4102-1, building material class B13
- Recyclable
- Durable

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