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Award: BVFA quality seal "Sprinkler protected" for KÖ-Bogen in Düsseldorf

TN4/16.03.16 At the start of building in 2009 the huge Kö-Bogen [Kö refers to Düsseldorf’s main shopping street, the famous Königsallee] was the biggest German city centre building project and one of the biggest in Germany with investments far exceeding 400 million euros. With its height of 26 metres on a land area of 9,000 square metres in the city centre and curved arcade, it is already regarded as a style icon – a complex urban architectural concept which reflects on the historic features of Düsseldorf’s centre. The Kö-Bogen was developed and designed by the famous New York architect Daniel Libeskind, who is regarded as a poet in his profession.

The future orientated subject of sustainability is very present both outside and within the building and was also very important in the planning of the Kö-Bogen – both for the project developer as well as the city of Düsseldorf. The aquatherm products fulfilled the very high standards with view to the environment and sustainability and the company is very proud to also be represented in this project.

The aquatherm red pipe system has been built into the ceiling on three storeys of the Kö-Bogen for which the pipes were cast in concrete. All the necessary pipes including supply pipes were pre-fabricated according to designs in aquatherm manifold construction, tested for tightness in Attendorn and a welding report compiled. The products were then supplied to Düsseldorf where they were built in.

A total of approx. 3,400 sprinkler connections and 6,500 pipe metres including the moulded components were built into 25 building sections and the building time also included the winter months. The pressure testing of the pipes, therefore, involved a water-glycol mix to prevent the piping being damaged by the frost. The number of sprinklers was so high as the project had the luxury of having these double which means that the so-called area of coverage can be kept even if there are building changes in the rooms later on e.g. if walls are moved.

On 22 February the building complex was honored for comprehensive fire protection measures with the quality seal “Sprinkler Protected” by the bvfa (German Association of Technical Fire Protection). “Those in charge of the Kö-Bogen gave a clear signal with their decision to opt a full scale fire protection with sprinkler systems. The protection of human life must be top priority in any situation, whether leisure, work, school or education.” said Dr. Wolfram Krause, CEO of bvfa, with regard to the jury´s decision. Andreas Stolz, representative of the Kö-Bogen area and Head of Asset Management of the Art-Invest Real Estate Management GmbH & Co.KG, accepted the award. “We took care in offering fire protection at the highest level to all people visiting the Kö-Bogen – and achieved this goal. The more we are pleased that our commitment is now honored with the fire protection seal”, says Stolz.

Since 1993 the bvfa awards public buildings in Germany that have an exemplary fire protection with the seal of quality “Sprinkler Protected”. Already in the past 10 years more than 40 exposed objects have received the award by the Federation Technical Fire Protection e.V. It is considered the authoritative organization for preventive and defensive fire protection in Germany. In the association the leading German providers of stationary and mobile fire protection technology and of systems of fire protection in buildings are represented. The association, which currently represents about 120 companies, was established in 1972 and is based in Würzburg. 


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