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Comment on gaskets for the use with C110 ball valves

TN3/23.02.16 Ball valves C110 DN80 (d90 – art. no. 41602), C110 DN 100 (d110/d125 – art. no. 41604) and C110 DN150 (d160 – art. no. 41607) can be used with the gaskets enclosed.

Marks of the nut (see picture 1) will be formed on the sealing, respectively of the grooves on the opposite side (see picture 2) which however will not have any influence on the sealing properties.

1) Marks of the nut
2) Grooves on the opposite side


The photos above refer to ball valve C110 (art. 41407) which was pressure tested over a period of two years at 20°C and 21.6 bar. No leakages were detected.

If the connection between flange adapter and ball valve is opened again, the gaskets have to be replaced by new, unused gaskets in any case.

Furthermore please note: Not to use any O-ring gaskets, neither individually, nor in combination with flat gaskets.


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