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The unusual shape of the Agbar Tower was inspired by the rock outcrops of the Montserrat Mountain of Catalonia, referred to as the “holy mountain”, whose unique, almost bizarre form is not unlike a group of huge saw teeth. This mountain and its monastery are shrouded in early Middle Age legends and myths and the area is one of Spain’s oldest
and most important sacred places.

Built on a former industrial site, the Agbar Tower, now surrounded by lush green gardens, is the work of French architect Jean Nouvel. More than 142 metres high with over 35 stories and four underground levels, it was erected between 2001 and 2003. The foundation is constructed 30 metres deep into the ground providing the building with the necessary stability. The building’s structure is constructed of steel reinforced concrete and permeated by over 4,400 windows, which are enclosed by a glass façade with thousands of narrow louver glass panels that open outwards.

At nights, the Agbar Tower’s extraordinary lighting installation transforms it into an explosion of colours that is visible far beyond the city’s boundaries. The whole system for drinking water of this extraordinary Spanish building has been provided with aquatherm green pipe- and aquatherm green pipe-Faser composite pipes made by aquatherm.

Born in 1945, Jean Nouvel is considered one of the most innovative and productive architects in the world. Graduate of the École Supérieure des Beaux Arts and co-founder of the French architectural movement Mars, Jean Nouvel transforms landscape into urban events in his projects. He has realised countless distinguished projects, including the Arab World Institute (1987) and the Cartier Foundation (1994) in Paris, EXPO 2000 in Hanover as well as Gasometer A in Vienna (2001) and the Agbar Tower (2003). In addition, he has received many awards and prizes for his architectural works, such as the Golden Lion (Biennale Venice), the Borromini Award and the Aga Khan Prize.

Established in 1994, Jean Nouvel’s atelier is one of the largest architectural projects in France. Over 140 personnel active in diverse areas are currently working on more than 40 international projects. Besides his main office in Paris, Jean Nouvel also operates from ateliers in London, Copenhagen, Minneapolis, Rome, Madrid and Barcelona.