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aquatherm´s first branch office abroad was opened on 1st of January 1998 in Carrara. Soon sales results not only exceed expectations, but also the capacities of the  office and storage rooms rented. In the end of 2002 this resulted in the completion of our own office and warehouse of 3.200 sqm in Massa!

1.400 qm office space on three floors, a storage area extended by triple the size to 1.800 sqm leave room for further growth and development. A future extension of additional 1.000 sqm has already been approved by the municipality of Massa.

In line with the quality management and technology mind of the parent company the objective of the Italian branch is qualitative growth with the key focus on technical training and communication with fitters and decision makers in the construction industry.

In Massa two meeting rooms and training facilities for practical experience have been set up and have started their activities successfully a few years ago.



aquatherm SRL
Parco Pruduttivo Apuania
I 54100 Massa
Phone 0039-0585-259901
Fax 0039-0585-259999
Contact: Raphael Koch




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